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Living History Library is a non-profit organization created in 2006 to serve the living history and historical reenactment community. Our goal is to address a wide cross-section of historical topics from different cultures and time periods, and act as a platform for the sharing of knowledge and discoveries with colleagues and newcomers alike.

Arms, armour, weaponry, and historical fighting methods have always been among the most popular topics for reenactors, but studied exclusively, these subjects do not yield the full breadth of historical context that they otherwise could.

Living History Library seeks to fill in these blanks and provide a thorough backdrop upon which to study all manner of of applied history. After all, by limiting ourselves to the study of specific topics, we run the risk of perpetuating our own 'dark age' of misunderstanding the place and historical context of a subject, bringing about the common misconceptions and failures that are so common in the medieval and renaissance communities.

Living History Library advocates the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that by working towards a common goal of excellence, all students of history benefit!

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Living History Library is a multi-media site, including features such as:

  • Reference Section
      This section is for permanent articles, and will be updated as new content is made available.
  • Wiki
      Create and add to topics on virtually every subject! Editable by all participants, the Wiki is constantly growing, evolving, and being updated.
  • Forum and Chat
      Enjoy discussion on a wide variety of subjects, including armour, weapons, clothing, martial subjects, woodworking, literature, etc., and don't miss out on our chat room!
  • Gallery
      Your own place to store your historical photos, create albums, and share with others!

  • No matter if you are a member of a reenactment group, a living historian, a practitioner of historical combat, or your just interested in the academic aspects of applied history, Living History Library has something for everyone. Simply browse the menu to get started!

    -Eric Slyter
    Living History Library